Say goodbye to scooping your cat’s litter with the VolKat Hygienic Cat Litter Box. This revolutionary device eliminates the need for scooping and seals foul odors. Featuring a simple and functional design, VolKat keeps all the waste in a single bag. Additionally, VolKat saves litter and time. In fact, you can completely clean up in just one minute. To use VolKat, open the cylinder and insert one DiskBag in the slot. Then tilt it to a 45-degree angle so the litter and waste go down the cylinder. Close the cylinder, dump the VolKat to the front and allow the clean litter to return to its place. Lastly, dump the waste inside the DiskBag and use the strip to close it. Once you return the cylinder holder in place, the cleaning process is complete. Available in six colors, the VolKat cat litter box is effective and safe on all surfaces.

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