, Inc (NYSE:CRM) has been inconsistent in the last few after surging at the beginning of the months and in the last trading session, the stock gained 2.07% to close at $159.91. Meanwhile Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) lost 0.58% to close the day at $169.43.

The inconsistency is a result of the Salesforce’s Software development kit DK hitch that makes it easy for developers to create native apps through the Swift programing language.

Enhancing SDK capabilities

Recently Salesforce updated their SDK to enable it to integrate well with the iOS thus enabling developers to use it to create Salesforce apps optimized of iOS 12 and Swift which is the programming language for Apple.

The company released the updates last month barely three months since they launched the Salesforce-Apple Partnership last year. The partnership for iOS is among the steps that the companies are taking to expand their portfolios. Apple is currently solidifying their enterprise technology foothold while Salesforce has been working at ensuring their CRM functions are more accessible.

Salesforce’s CRM and Customer experience analyst, Brent Leary, stated that this is a significant move to collaborate with Apple in the CRM business owing to the fact that the company is evangelizing new concepts and products. It is equally a win for the company as they seek to align mobile and CRM and the partnership with help them realize that.

Support for mobile applications

Leyla Seka, the Vice President, and GM Salesforce Mobile indicated that they are focusing on mobile as it is at the center of the partnership. The company anticipates simplifying of work for employees who spend over three hours a day on their devices. The SDK update, as well as other pending initiatives, demonstrates the company’s commitment to offering support to enterprise mobile applications.

Seka said that the updated SDK will enable companies that are familiar with the iOS to customize their Salesforce applications to meet customer needs. It allows the development of business apps that have a familiar user experience connected to the database that is secure. For developers, SDK is synonymous with Java and iOS and thus you easily get in and start working.

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