AKRON, Ind. (WNDU) – Nothing can erase what happened to two twin boys and their big sister killed at a bus stop crossing in Rochester last fall. What can change, however, is making it safer for students to board the bus.

On Monday, Tippecanoe Valley School Corporation approved a $10,000 donation from Woodlawn Hospital for stop arm bus cameras.

Woodlawn’s hospital’s CEO John Alley says the donations will help prevent what happen to Alivia, Zxavier and Mason from happening again.

“It’s one small step for the school bus arm cameras to prevent another accident, to make it safer for these kids,” Alley said.

Another thing that can make it safer is the school bus safety bill. The Indiana Senate unanimously voted to pass the bill Monday morning and now awaits approval from the House.

Alley says passing the bill would help bring the change every school corporation needs.

“It’s hard not to look at these kids and see their future. We don’t what greatness is in these building yet. That’s yet to be seen but if their not around, they can never achieve that greatness.”

Pike Lumber’s donation for bus cameras was also approved Monday.

Woodlawn Hospital says they hope their donation will help inspire other communities to do the same for their schools.

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