This Week’s Stories 

  • Documents “Confirm” Facebook Used Your Data Against Rivals
  •  Google I/O Plans: Will Pixel 3a Be There?
  •  YouTube Falsely Hints Notre Dame Fire was Terrorism
  •  Defending Assange: Hard but Necessary
  •  The Open Internet is Under Attack
  •  YouTube Wants to Reward “Quality Watch Time”
  •  Congratulations 2019 Pulitzer Winners!
  •  Facebook’s 15 Months of Hell
  •  Twitter “Prioritizes” Abuse Flags
  •  Jack Dorsey Floats Controversial Twitter Changes
  •  Secret Service Mishandle Mar-A-Lago Malware
  •  Illinois’ Anti-Alexa Law Has No Teeth
  •  Pixel Camera Adds Kiss Detection
  •  Galaxy Fold Review Units Breaking
  •  Twitter Deletes Journalists’ Tweets about Torrent Story

Picks of the Week

  •  Jeff’s Numbers: Mayor Pete speaks Binary, Get naked to protest social media
  •  Mathew’s Thing: Assassin’s Creed Unity will be used to rebuild Notre-Dame cathedral

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