While Nintendo makes really great equipment for its Nintendo Switch (gotta love those Pro Controllers!), some fans have gone above and beyond when it comes to making their own special “mods” with it- and one particular fan on Reddit decided to something together with a distinctive, nostalgic touch.

Nintendo Switch
(Photo: Reddit)

The Reddit user, under the name of u/Littlewolf, recently showed off a mod that allows the Nintendo Switch to be charged by a…GameCube? As you can see, the dock appears to have been built from one of the orange GameCube systems sold only in Japan, snugly fitting the Switch within it and even showing a light that appears on the GC console itself as it charges.

Apparently, u/LittleWolf was inspired by a previous mod that appeared over on Rated-e Mods, but they did a great job in their own right, drumming up a bit of old-school goodness as a result.

But here’s where it gets really interesting. As you can see in the picture above, there are GameCube controllers that are plugged into the unit. And apparently, they work just fine with certain games on the Switch- namely, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Even WaveBirds, the wireless GameCube controllers, apparently work without a hitch! “Oh, and yeah, the GameCube ports in the front work,” they said in the Reddit post.

Although there are other options available for using GameCube controllers with the game- as well as specially built ones by PDP that resemble that classic feeling- this is probably the best way to go when it comes to enjoying Smash in a GameCube sense.

Unfortunately, it looks like a one-and-done deal for u/LittleWolf, as the system isn’t for sale or anything. They apparently just built it for show. But, hey, if Rated-e Mods and the Reddit user can put together their mods, imagine what some tech-savvy folks will be able to do with it as well. Never know until you try, right?

And apparently it only took four weeks “on and off” for u/LittleWolf to put together. “Super happy with how it turned out,” they noted.

Again, you can check out the Reddit thread here. Man, we’ll never look at our boring old dock the same way again. (We’re kidding- please keep charging our system, beloved dock. We need our Smash.)

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