NEWS – It may look like a weapon or an alien medical probe, but the true purpose of this gadget is even more bizarre. This Japanese gizmo called a Kurara Wash (I think…) is designed to wash your dishes. That’s right, it’s a motorized handheld dishwasher that cleans food residue from your plates, bowls, and cutlery one at a time.

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If you think that this device looks like it takes more time and effort than just sucking it up and washing your dishes the old-fashioned way in a sink with a soapy scrubby pad, I think you’re right. But hey, let’s give the inventor a little credit for coming up with the contraption. Even if it is only for a laugh. Check out the video below.

The cost of the Kurara Wash is 8,800 Yen which converts to about $79 USD on or you can find a similar product on Amazon for the same price.

Source: The Awesomer

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