HumanEyes‘ Vuze XR is a rare breed of camera. It’s pocket-sized, shoots in VR, 360, and 5K formats, and it costs around the same as an entry-level DSLR. What really sets it apart, however, is how easy it is to use.

I love VR. And the thought of making my own glorious, fully immersive, 180-degree family vacation videos that we can watch on our headsets – like the VR videos on YouTube – fills me with joy. But I’m neither a filmmaker nor a professional photographer. There’s only a handful of consumer-geared VR cameras out there (that don’t cost thousands) and none of them have struck me as particularly approachable for the average person. The Vuze XR is.

You can get a decent 360 camera or a 180 VR cam for about the same price, but the Vuze XR is both. I was incredibly surprised to find the camera is sturdy, well-made, and attractive. At under $500, I was expecting some corners to get cut.

Quite the opposite is true. The camera feels and looks like a premium device and comes with more bells and whistles than you’d expect. HumanEyes even tosses in a protective carrying case and wrist-strap. There’s nothing cheap about this camera.

But, of course, what’s most important is the images it captures. It uses two f/2.4 210-degree fisheye lenses and two Sony 12-megapixel sensors, coupled with an Ambarella H2 video processor. And what you get is a plethora of formats:  5.7K 30fps, 4K 60fps, 3D 180, and 2D 360. It shoots photos at up to 18MP.

It’s nice to have options. You can edit video in 4K using a free app on your phone. It’s incredibly intuitive, faster than I expected, and it requires no experience with video editing software. If you can tweak a selfie, you can use the Vuze XR app. Video shot in the camera’s default 5K resolution, however, has to be edited on a computer.

Credit: Nicole Gray