If you’re looking to be less wasteful and lead a more sustainable lifestyle, a good place to start is by cutting down on single-use products like plastic water bottles and, yes, those La Croix 24-packs.

Recent studies have shown that about 19 billion pounds of plastic waste enter the world’s oceans each year. Considering 2018 was the year plastic straw bans became a movement and when we discovered humans are now pooping plastic, it’s high time we look at the ways our lifestyles affect the world around us.

Cutting down your carbon footprint doesn’t mean you need to ditch your love affair with La Croix, though. You can still enjoy your daily seltzer in the comfort of your own home with a sparkling water maker like a SodaStream.

Hear us out. SodaStream might’ve first became notorious with soda addicts as a way to make their favorite flavors for a fraction of the price, but the at-home carbonation station is now leaning into the massive popularity of flavored sparkling water. There are even websites out there with recipes to make homemade La Croix at home with a SodaStream.

Super sleek and surprisingly easy to use, a SodaStream allows you to create sparkling water and flavored drinks at home using a carbonator at the push of a button. That means you’ll never have to buy bottled sparkling water or canned seltzer again, which is not only good for your wallet — but good for the planet.

On average, one SodaStream can help the average family reduce more than 3,700 bottles and cans from our planet, according to the brand. All you have to do is bring in your empty carbon canister to a certified retailer to and get a new one for a discount.

A SodaStream Is The Sustainable Solution To Your Single-Plastic Use

A SodaStream Is The Sustainable Solution To Your Single-Plastic Use

If you’re not sold on the idea of an at-home seltzer maker yet, SodaStream is offering 30% off at retailers like Target and Walmart for Earth Day, throughout the remainder of April. For a SodaStream starter pack that usually rings up for $89, that’ll bring the cost to just under $63 for an endless supply of sparkling water. Better still, if you live in a town with the word “Green” you can get a SodaStream up to half off directly through SodaStream’s website.

Think of it as a treat to make your favorite summer cocktails like spritzers and mocktails any time. Plus, it also makes a great gift for older parents, in case you’re in need of a last-minute Mother’s Day gift.

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