According to a recent report from AndroidPolice, Skype users on Android are reporting that the app is automatically answering the Skype calls.

Surprisingly, the Skype app on Android has a setting called “Answer incoming calls automatically”, which Microsoft considers an accessibility feature for the app, though it’s also touted as a way of remotely checking on pets and the house when you’re away.

The typical workarounds didn’t make any difference, and these include cleaning the cache and reinstalling the application. This buy will take some time to be fixed, so till that time is you want to prevent skype from answering your calls automatically, you need to uninstall the app.

However, it seems like now this issue is affecting more users which is evident from the Microsoft support forum.

There’s no ETA as to when all users would get it, but since this could eventually end up quite a major privacy concern, there’s a good chance Microsoft would give the go-ahead rather sooner than later. Both the Group FaceTime bug and the Skype for Android bug start with a call but the FaceTime eavesdropping starts when you reject the call. Other than that, keep in mind that toggling the dedicated option in the settings screen on and off doesn’t make any difference until a patch is shipped to users.

Some say that disconnecting Google Wear and Samsung Gear may help, but that’s not the case for every individual witnessing the issue.

You could switch to Viber, Duo, WhatsApp for video calling.

However, until that happens, it’s better to use Skype beta. This security issue has to do with the Android app for this service.

The bug has echoes of Apple’s FaceTime privacy flaw that emerged this January that allowed people to eavesdrop on iPhone owners by making a group phone call.

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