Easily convert your single SIM iPhone into a dual one with the SIMore E-Clips Gold iPhone Dual SIM Adapter. This little device transforms any iPhone into a dual or triple SIM active smartphone. Likewise, E-Clips Gold enables you to have up to three numbers at the same time on a single iPhone. If your iPhone already has dual SIM capability, it adds up to two more numbers, providing four SIM cards in total. Moreover, the device works as a Mi-Fi Wi-Fi hotspot router so you can share internet data with up to eight users. Additionally, the intuitive and simple SIMPlus App allows you to choose the right SIM card, access your messages and contacts, and more. Just the size of a credit card, the iPhone dual SIM adapter fits in your bag or pocket. By using the E-Clips Case, you can even clip it on the back of your iPhone.

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