Ping Pong Robot

Decades of hard work by scientists have seen the innovation of robots that can perform sophisticated tasks and help us learn new skills and improve on them. They are programmed to make complex decisions, which is why they can perform these sophisticated tasks. In fact, all the convenience we enjoy these days is because of smart robots. Today, companies extensively use robots in high-volume assembly lines and highly advanced manufacturing industries. Robots are not only efficient but also guarantee high yields. More advanced robots that can help humans improve their skills are also available in the market. A typical example is the Ping Pong robot. 

What is a Ping Pong Robot?

Ping Pong is another name for table tennis. Therefore, a Ping Pong robot is an interactive machine designed to dispense table tennis balls at a player (at high speeds) across the table. It’s so smart it can anticipate where the table tennis ball will land with just a small margin of error (about 1 inch). Some Ping Pong robots are so advanced they are able to perform different ping pong techniques, such as curving and slicing. The price of sophisticated Ping Pong robots ranges from $1,500 to $2,000. But if you can’t stomach that price range, you can go for simple models that range from $300 to 400.

What a Ping Pong robot can do for you

  • Shoot a ball – You can decide where you want the Ping Pong robot to shoot the ball. The simple models are able to only shoot table tennis balls to two positions. The more advanced options are able to shoot to multiple positions. You can also adjust the speed at which a Ping Pong robot shoots. You can set it to shoot at low speed or high speed depending on your skill level.
  • Shoot at different frequencies – You can set the robot to shoot the balls at different frequencies. The majority of Ping Pong robots are able to shoot 80 balls per minute. The most sophisticated ones can do over 100 balls per minute.
  • Vary the spin – The various spin variations you can choose to practice table tennis with a Ping Pong robot include topspin, backspin, float or side spin. You can easily choose to vary the spin.
  • Facilitate continuous play- The more advanced robots come with a ball recycling facility that reloads the table tennis balls into the robot. This alleviates the hassle of having to stop play to reload the balls.
  • Program your training drill – The most advanced Ping Pong robots let you program your own training drills. Essentially, they shoot the balls at the sequence you choose. Some robots have preset training drills, saving you the time and effort to set your own training drills.

Why buy a Ping Pong robot?

Improves footwork and stroke proficiency – You have to set your Ping Pong robot to a specific spin and speed before you can practice. And the robot will shoot balls at that setting. This will help you master certain strokes and footwork because the routine is repetitive until you stop the robot. 

Helps overall table tennis performance – The repetitions help you boost your playing speed, coordination, as well as responses to particular spins. If you develop a solid foundation from the beginning, it becomes easier to move to the next level. 

Don’t need a trainer to practice – Hiring a Ping Pong instructor or coach can be expensive. This robot alleviates that need. Plus, you’ll not have to worry about your coach randomly taking breaks because they are bored or tired. The robot works continuously until you stop it. 

Good for your health and wellbeing – A Ping Pong robot offers a full-body workout. Therefore, you don’t have to sign up for expensive gym sessions or run long distances to stay healthy. The practice sessions help you get the toned muscles you’ve always wanted. Plus, they burn those excess calories, while helping you improve on your favourite sport. 

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