WHEELING, W Va. (WTRF) – The holiday season is in full swing and shoppers are already shipping off packages to their loved ones. However, ‘porch pirates’ could prevent those deliveries from ending up in the right hands. 

New technology, such as smart locks secure containers and camera systems, help secure packages outside of your home or business. 

You can even keep an eye on deliveries or any motion outside your door thanks to these gadgets lining directly to your phone. 

“You’ll get a notification on your smartphone that will allow you to actually look and see,” said Ben Westfall, Sales Supervisor, Best Buy. “It might just be the UPS man dropping something off or if someone else is there, you can actually talk to them, set an alarm, anything like that.”

Best Buy will even send in an in-home advisor to check ut what works best for you.

Officials tell us that there are plenty of options. Treat yourself and keep your gifts secured for the holidays. 

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