New phone antenna set in windows

Antennas that carry signals for our mobile phones are essential to modern life. But they can be an eyesore. Two Japanese companies have developed a way to blend the devices into our scenery.

Telecom operator NTT Docomo and glass maker AGC, formerly known as Asahi Glass, unveiled their antenna on Wednesday.

It’s metal and embedded in a window, where it stays largely out of sight.

The device transmits to a radius of up to 200 meters.

The companies describe their product as being the first of its kind.

Yukito Katsuyama of NTT Docomo said, “Mobile-phone antennas shouldn’t be installed on buildings with sophisticated design features. So these ones are expected to be set indoors to improve the scenery.”

Conventional mobile-phone antennas are often installed on the lower parts of buildings to cover as many phone-users as possible. But that arrangement can spoil the scenery.

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