Nagra is now providing comprehensive support for Android TV with an end-to-end content value protection ecosystem.

It has done so by leveraging its comprehensive end-to-end Content Value Protection ecosystem all driven from cloud SSP, its cloud-enabled Security Services Platform.

Commenting on the development, Maurice Van Riek, senior VP content and asset security for Nagra, said: “We have deployed secure Android multiscreen solutions for several years. Nagra Connect’s unique capability to elegantly and pragmatically adapt to the device security infrastructure makes it a natural fit for the inherently diverse Android device ecosystem.

“Today, service providers planning an Android TV deployment can leverage Nagra’s complete, end-to-end ecosystem to guard against any type of threat and vulnerability.”

Nagra Connect uses a unique adaptive security paradigm to protect any content, on any network and any device. It complies with MovieLabs’ Enhanced Content Protection (ECP) requirements for 4K Ultra HD content and employs the MediaCAS API to blend into the Android TV client ecosystem.

Meanwhile, Nagra’s cloud SSP provides a complete and robust security framework, including multi-DRM support, for service providers and content owners. It enables them to protect, mark, monitor and act against pirates to defend their revenues against theft.

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