Change your look in seconds with the ModernTie Modular Magnetic Necktie. Featuring patented technology, this modern accessory gets rid of the need to do up your tie the old-fashioned way. Made of recycled pill bottles, the ModernTie top knot is eco-friendly and easy to use. There are two magnets that hold the tie to the knot, which snap together to form a strong bond. Similarly, ModernTie is very easy to put on. Simply slide it over your top button, insert the tie and you’re good to go. It’s also much more comfortable than a traditional tie. In fact, no material even goes around your neck. The ModernTie top knot comes in two finishes including fabric and silicone. Likewise, it is available in two lightweight styles and three basic colors. Suitable for all men, there are three sizes of ModernTie to ensure an ideal fit.

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