Money woes, be gone! Here are 9 mobile apps that will help boost your savings and banish debt

Many of us are losing the war against debt because we’re showing up to battle without a plan. Decades ago that plan might have called for a calculator and a spreadsheet, but these days the road to financial freedom is paved by apps on our phones.  

A few clicks and syncs can put our debt solutions on autopilot. So, if you struggle with making regular deposits into a savings account or can’t remember to pay off that credit card you just signed up for, rest assured, there’s probably an app for that. 

Take a look at some of the best apps around.  

Mend your complicated relationship with money by putting your financial goals on autopilot.

Mend your complicated relationship with money by putting your financial goals on autopilot. 

Digit: Do you struggle with transferring money into a savings account? Making the choice to save instead of splurging on those shoes you saw on Instagram can be so hard. If that’s the case, Digit will soon become your best friend. 

While monitoring your checking account balance and how many Starbucks runs you make throughout the week, Digit sneaks away money into a savings account without you even noticing it. Other benefits include low balance protection if you’re prone to overdraft fees and daily text updates about how much you’ve saved.  

The app charges $2.99 a month after your free trial expires. 

Acorns: The best way to save your money is to grow it, and that’s where Acorns steps in. For investing newbies, Acorns presents the opportunity to invest with round-ups of spare change from your every day debit card purchases. You can change the level of how you want your portfolio to be managed from conservative to aggressive. 

Users are charged a monthly $1 – $3 fee depending on the type of account. 

Chime: Chime is a mobile-only bank with a mission to save you more money. The company doesn’t doesn’t charge monthly or overdraft fees, or enforce an account balance minimum. It does give users access to their paychecks two days early and includes a roundups program that helps with establishing savings.

Kick credit card debt to the curb with these savings apps.

Kick credit card debt to the curb with these savings apps. 

Trim: Think of this app as that big shot financial planner you though you could never afford. If you’re signed up to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Tidal and Spotify, it will give your subscriptions a once over and determine which ones you need to say goodbye to forever. Trim helps its users negotiate sky-high bills, pay off debt and, of course, save a ton of money.

Stash: This app is busting the theory that investing is just for the well off. Stash sets up new users with personalized coaching and general education about the world of investing, as well as a means to transfer your loose change into booming stocks that are curated by their experts for $1-$2 a month.

Twine: What’s worse than one bad budget? Two. Don’t fret, the Twine app is specifically designed for couples who want to start managing their money better. The app helps users set a goal like paying for a honeymoon or paying off that last student loan and helps set a date to make that goal a reality. 

Keep your entire financial portfolio right at your finger tips with these apps.

Keep your entire financial portfolio right at your finger tips with these apps. 

SmartyPig: Remember that piggy bank you kept stacked with pennies as a kid? Well, SmartyPig is essentially its tech-savvy older sibling with the intention to save you more money. Want to jaunt off to the Caribbean at the end of the year or save up for a new handbag? SmartyPig is the way to go. The app claims its members have saved $5 billion just by aiming for specific goals with recurring contributions. 

Tip Yourself: Their company motto is, ‘You Earned It,’ and we couldn’t agree more. This app encourages users to tip themselves whenever they achieve a small goal with a deposit into their account.

Qapital: Another set it and forget it option, Qapital gives users more control with ‘goals’ and ‘rules.’ For example, let’s say you accidentally went shopping during a self-imposed no-buy period, you can set the app to counteract your slip-up with an automatic deposit into your savings. Or, maybe you finally made it to that early morning workout, you can set up a rule to give yourself a cash reward. Qapital also gives users more options with round-ups, allowing you to go up to the $2. Lastly, the best part of the app is that it helps you stay connected to your money by providing a clear picture of your reserves across the board.    


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