Microsoft is ready to launch an even cheaper version of the Xbox One S, which will be dubbed as the digital version of the One S without the Blu-ray disc slot. In order to cut its costs, Microsoft will remove the Blu-ray disc drive altogether from the Xbox One S. According to some leaked marketing images which were spotted by WinFuture (via Thurrott), the One S console could launch as early as the 7th of May, and it is set to be priced at €229 in Germany.

Given that this tentative launch is just a few weeks away from now and that these marketing images are lining up perfectly with previous rumors regarding the One S, chances are this is the real deal rather than being fake.

As you can see on WinFuture’s images, it is looking exactly like an Xbox One S, just with the absence of the disc slot. The console from Microsoft is called the Xbox One S All Digital and it comes with a 1TB hard drive, which is the most standard Xbox One S console that is currently featuring a 1TB hard drive.

Microsoft has stated clearly that this One S console is only for digital games. If you already have some of the physical Xbox One games, you will not be able to insert these games into the console as it only supports digital games.

Customers will get three games for free with the One S All Digital console through download codes — Minecraft, Sea of Thieves and the Forza Horizon 3. You can then be able to buy more games in the online store or just subscribe to the Xbox Game Pass to access a library of games on Microsoft’s store.

One S All Digital model should cost about €229 in Germany, but you might be lucky enough to buy it even for less than this price. For instance, an Xbox One S is officially costing €299 on the Microsoft’s official website, but you can easily be able to buy it for less than €250 on sites like Amazon and through other retail vendors.

Microsoft usually has the strategy to use the same price points in USD as Euro, so it wouldn’t come as a surprise if the Xbox One S All Digital also officially costs $229 in the U.S market.

It is clear that Microsoft is testing all the markets with this digital version of the Xbox One S console. The company has been slowly pivoting to a subscription-based model in the last couple of years. The Xbox brand is currently evolving from a gaming console brand to a service-oriented brand. This should also be Microsoft’s key differentiating factor with the next generation of consoles.

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