No doubt about it, with every iteration the Surface gets better and, high price aside, pretty much anyone would love such a device.

That definitely goes for the newly-unveiled Microsoft Surface Hub 2S, an impressive collaborative display that could almost make meetings enjoyable.

Just like with the last Surface Hub, the first 2S model Microsoft will debut is a 50-inch surface, which will be followed by an 85-inch model as well.

The 50-inch Surface Hub 2S unveiled might not have all of those inches but it sure packs some heat, as it features an 8th Gen i5 processor.

With an over 4K resolution and a sleek stand that makes it easy to carry around when you lose your reserved conference room, the Hub 2S also has a 4K camera and an eight-element microphone array to see and hear your remote coworkers crystal clear.

The device goes for $9000, with another $1500 for the portable stand and $1400 for a battery that lets you use it unplugged for a few hours.

That’s a hefty price but one your company might not mind paying in the name of increased productivity.

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