Microsoft now plans to refresh its Dynamics 365 enterprise planning and customer relationship management software twice each year, on essentially the same schedule as Windows and the Office 365 suite.

“We are transforming how we do service updates for Dynamics 365 (online). We will deliver two major releases per year – April and October – offering new capabilities and functionality,” Mo Osborne, the COO of Microsoft’s Business Applications Engineering group, wrote in a July 6 post to a company blog.

“This is not a big surprise,” said Andrew Snodgrass, an analyst with Directions on Microsoft, in an email. “They’ve been ‘kind of’ doing this for a few years, although without much consistency.”

The new upgrade tempo is identical to Windows 10 and Office 365, which also refresh twice annually. Even the time of year is similar: The last two upgrades to Windows 10, for instance, were in April 2018 and October 2017, although according to Microsoft’s official calendar, the upgrades were slated for March and September. Office 365 sports the same March-September schedule. Even Windows Server is on a spring-fall rhythm.

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