Ludhiana: For making the e-ticket facility for parking lots popular among residents, MC has kicked off a campaign in the Feroze Gandhi Market, where people are being made aware of the mobile application and its usage. Recently, the facility to purchase e-passes for the entire month has also started, and to lure residents, they have started giving specials discounts as well. However, since the launch of the scheme, there is little response to the mobile application, but authorities claimed that was because not many people were aware of it and its usage. Therefore, they have started the awareness drive.

MC had kicked off the trial run of the mobile application called Finlo on February 2 from the Feroze Gandhi Market parking lot, after its contract was terminated. The main aim behind Finlo was to curb complaints regarding overcharging in the market. However, since then, only 35 tickets were sold through it. One MC official claimed the company that had developed it had now started offering 20% discount on it. For two-wheelers, residents can get an e-pass in Rs200 per month, and for four wheelers, the price is Rs400 per month. Initially, there is 15% discount even on e-passes.

Meanwhile, when asked about the awareness campaign, MC commissioner KP Brar said: “It is just to popularize the application among the public, because if people start purchasing e-tickets or e-passes, then the problem of overcharging will come to an end.” She said they were putting efforts in the trial run, so that when it is fully launched, there should be no problem catching hold of users.

Arun Verma, a visitor to the Feroze Gandhi Market, said: “This market is a hub of commercial activity, so there is a need to develop better parking arrangements here. The mobile application is fine, but people want systematic parking here.” He said the existing parking space was inadequate, so authorities should pay attention to it.

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