The man, who didn’t want to be identified, lives at the Spain Gardens apartment complex in northeast Albuquerque.

He installed the cameras after thieves stole copper from his work truck. At first, the apartment complex’s management fined him $50, then he received an eviction notice on his door.

“They gave me seven days to remove the camera or move it to underneath my porch or get evicted,” the man said.

The letter reads, “A camera was installed in the common staircase of the building. Per your lease and community policies, no alterations of the building may be made by residents. Residents agree not to destroy, damage, deface or remove any part of the leased premises or residential community, the owner shall have the right to require residents to remove any fixtures at the residents’ cost.”

In an attempt to avoid future problems with the complex’s management, the man took the camera down.

“It’s in a common area, and according to them I defaced the property using these teensy screws,” he said. “I don’t want to get evicted and get my credit ruined so I’ll move the camera over. The whole reason I didn’t move the camera over is that it didn’t cover the whole parking lot. Now, it only covers the first three places.”

KOB attempted to reach the apartment’s management but was not successful.

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