Libratone—the Danish manufacturer best known for building specialty wireless speakers like the Zipp, the One Click, and the Too—is plunging deeper into the headphone market. Its new Track+ wireless in-ear-monitor headphones are geared towards those with an active lifestyle, sporting an IPX4 rating for sweat and splash resistance, plus some new noise-cancelling features.

The Track+ has a highly flexible design, which I personally prefer to wireless headphones with collars. While the absence of a collar made it simple to slip the Track+ into my jacket or pants pocket, the headphones were still bulkier than most wired in-ear-monitor headphones I’ve reviewed.

Solid battery life and fast charging

The Libratone Track+ is rated for about 8 hours of battery life, which is what I was typically able to get. Recharging was fast, taking about an hour to get a full charge.

The Track+ has a special feature called Motion Detect that puts the headphones to sleep after they’ve been idle for a while. In my experience, Motion Detect made a significant difference in extending the headphone’s battery life. I could sometimes go two or three days without needing to charge the headphones—even after prolonged use.

The Track+ was very comfortable, and I never experienced any fatigue while wearing them. It comes with a typical assortment of silicone ear tips, plus wing tips you can add to the in-ear-monitor’s body. The wing tips created a solid fit and I used them for all my listening. The Track+ always felt secure in my ears and they never fell out with activity. 

libratone tips Theo Nicolakis

The included tips gave the Track+ a solid fit.

Inline controls

The Track+ has two inline controls that fell along either side of my neck, right at the collarbone, where they were intuitive to find.

The left side control has the power button, which doubles as a toggle for the Track+’s noise-cancelling settings (as I’ll describe in more detail below). The right inline control handles the traditional play/pause and volume functions and has an exposed micro-USB charging port. Holding down the play button for a few seconds successfully engaged Siri on my iPhone 7.

The Track+ has inline conrols on both sides.

Theo Nicolakis

The Track+ has inline conrols on both sides.

The Track+’s hands-free calling functionality was good—once I updated to the latest firmware. Until the update, more often than not, people had a tough time hearing me clearly–to the point where I had to pick up the phone.

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