TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL: Few foods scream “summer” like a dripping, sticky popsicle. And it’s ultra-simple to make your own to cool off on hot June afternoon.

A few things to look for in a popsicle mold: Multiple individual molds, so you can share with friends, made of quick-release materials. Reusable sticks, so you don’t have to purchase and toss wood ones. And drip guards, to contain at least some of the melting goodness.

(One of this summer’s big food trends is boozy popsicles — and these are perfect for trying out some recipes).

The popsicle mold pictured fits all of these criteria, and is made by Koji.

  • Price: $11.99 (regularly $12.99).
  • Where seen: Target stores on Lititz and Fruitville pikes and Lincoln Highway East, or
  • Note: Since it’s strawberry season, we’ve included three popsicle recipes that use this in-season treat.

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