We recently attended The Photography Show in Birmingham and had the pleasure of speaking to various companies. One of the companies we had a chance to catch up with was Olympus

Based on the fact that Panasonic has made quite a bold move and developed not one, but two full-frame cameras, a lot of photographers wanted to know if Olympus had any larger sensor plans for the future. Although micro four-thirds cameras are actually very popular, there are some very prominent upper limits. One of the major concerns a lot of photographers tend to have with smaller sensor cameras is the fact that low-light performance tends not to be as great as some larger sensor cameras. Personally, I think this tends to depend on a number of factors, such as lens choice, sensor technology, and several others. One of the ways that Olympus does really well to overcome the smaller sensor issue is with their incredible seven stops of in-body image stabilization in their latest camera, the OM-D E-M1X. There are a few reasons Olympus could benefit from producing a larger sensor camera, however. I believe that the micro four-thirds industry has really opened up for them. The fact that Panasonic is now moving their focus more towards full-frame means that Olympus is in a prime position to take over the micro four-thirds industry. If Olympus can push their video features a little more, I think they could become an extremely popular option for a large number of creatives. 

DCI 4k at 120p would be very appreciated. 

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