Photographers and videographers tend to pay a lot of attention to their gear and what new and exciting products are on the market, but knowing if it’s time to upgrade is a different matter. This great video examines that topic and how you’ll know if it’s that time.

Coming to you from Hk Visuals, this helpful video talks about the need to upgrade photography gear and the sort of questions you should ask yourself when you feel the urge to pull out your credit card. As the video mentions, if you’re currently creating work that satisfies both your standards and those of your clients, then whatever new equipment comes out is irrelevant to the question of need. I recently wrote about why I think it’s ok to be obsessed with camera gear depending on the circumstances, but of course, wants and needs are two different things, and the danger that many photographers fall prey to is confusing the two. Take time to really ask yourself if there have been recent situations in which you couldn’t get a shot solely because of a deficiency in your gear or if you just need to build up your technique a bit or improve other aspects of your work.

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