Weighed blankets get a makeover with the Huglee Ultimate Weighted Blanket. This sleeping companion reduces anxiety and stress so you can relax and sleep much better. Huglee is a therapeutic heavy blanket that evenly distributes deep pressure across your entire body, allowing you to feel protected. Imitating the feeling of being hugged, the weighted blanket increases your melatonin and serotonin levels. It also decreases cortisol levels at the same time to improve your mood and provide healthy sleep. Additionally, Huglee uses Velcro fasteners so you can quickly remove the cover whenever it needs a good wash. Similarly, the sturdy zipper cover opens at a 270-degree angle, enabling you to unzip it in three directions. Ideal for any temperature, the eco-bamboo material helps you cool down while the minky cloth keeps you warm. Offering optimal weight distribution, Huglee is a sturdy and reliable blanket that will sleep well every night.

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