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How to make your iPhone read to you by using Speak Screen in iOS


How to make your iPhone read to you by using Speak Screen in iOS | Macworld

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With all the content available to you on the iPhone, you may have come upon a time when you wished the iPhone could read to you. Well, it can! Speak Screen is a feature in iOS that you can use to have the iPhone read a web article, an email, and more. It’s handy if you want to “read” but you need your eyes to pay attention to something else.

Speak Screen is part of the Accessibility section of the iOS settings. To use Speak Screen, first it needs to be enabled. Once that’s done, you can then use a gesture to activate the feature.

How to turn on Speak Screen in iOS

1. Open the Settings app.

2. Tap General > Accessibility.

3. Tap Speech.

speak screen ios activate


4. Look for the Speak Screen setting and turn the switch on to activate it.

speak screen ios setting on IDG

5. Exit the settings.

How to use Speak Screen

With Speak Screen turned on, you can now have the iPhone read the contents of the screen to you. To do this, use two fingers and swipe down from the top of the iPhone’s screen.

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