How On-demand App Development Benefits Businesses in 2019

Do you want to improve customer services? Do you want to reach a huge audience through a popular mobile app? Well, a feature-rich, on-demand mobile app can help you out! Think of Uber, Airbnb, and HomeAway. All these companies have written success stories on the basis of seamlessly performing, user-friendly apps. As an entrepreneur, you will certainly like to have an app like these on-demand apps.

Let’s find out how the on-demand app development enables you to unleash the hidden value of your business.

Business Benefits of On-demand Apps

Here are the few reasons why the on-demand app development is in demand globally.

Brings simplicity

On-demand apps can be easily used by customers. It also enables app users to book services and buy products without involving any middleman. After a simple registration and some basic processes, anyone can use on-demand apps. Also, such apps simplify complex business processes.

Offers flexibility

Flawless and flexible functionality is another characteristic of on-demand apps. These apps are safe and flexible enough to grab the attention of a huge audience. Also, you can have a loyal customer base with a seamlessly performing app. You can keep the app free to use initially and then integrate the in-app purchase feature to monetize your app.

Increases scalability

An on-demand app is a scalable and robust online representative of your business. It can readily handle the growing needs of your business while addressing the customer’s expectations efficiently. Any top mobile app development company in USA can build a customized on-demand application with such functionality.

Reduces cost

A custom on-demand app solution is cost-effective and assists you to reduce the overhead costs. You can make the business processes simple and customer-friendly through an app. Also, the on-demand app can be used as a powerful promotional tool through which you can spread awareness about the discounts and other marketing offers. It is easy to run a loyalty program through an app. All such app-based promotional activities require a minimal cost.

Improves customer services

Your customers or app users find it very convenient to give order by using their fingertips. What’s more, an app enables them to book and track order on the move. In a way, you can improve customer services and get the advantage of the customer’s happiness in the form of word-to-mouth publicity.

In brief, a custom mobile app solution for your on-demand business can act as a bridge between your company and customers. It is easy to offer a product or services to the customers directly with the help of on-demand apps. It is fair to mention that as the on-demand economy grows, the on-demand app development will thrive in coming time.

Let’s have a glimpse of the key features of a customized on-demand app.

Push Notifications

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When it comes to informing the app users about any new products or offers, push notifications can work wonders. You can also send real-time alerts about time-bound offers and discounts as well. Push notifications also help you send messages regarding order status and expected delivery time.

Booking Facility

After a simple and phone number-based registration, the booking feature is the most important feature for the on-demand app. It enables the customers to book your services or products on the move. Also, you can show preferences on the basis of the user’s previous visits. The booking feature is integrated with the payment gateway.

GPS Tracking

It enables you and the app users to track the orders. You can also notify the users about the status of the order with this feature. GPS-based tracking also enables you to keep the stakeholders updated with the real-time location of consignment.

Payment Integration

It is of utmost importance that you provide an easy yet secure payment facility to your customers. The mobile app development company can integrate payment gateways to enable your customers to pay through debit card, credit card, net banking, and mobile wallet. Speed and safety are the key areas to be focused while integrating payment gateways.

Review and Rating

Like any B2C app, review and rating feature is necessary for the on-demand app also. Client testimonials and reviews matter when any visitor comes to know more about your app. You can also utilize constructive feedback to improve your services and the app’s functionality. Finally, the review and rating section can build trust among your customers.


Well, this is also one of the most important features of the on-demand mobile app. It enables your customers to cancel the order. It seems a simple feature but it is of vital importance as the app users may remove the on-demand app if they do not find this feature. The cancellation feature gives relief to the users in the case they want to cancel the order.

Activity Log

It shows the past activities to the app users. It facilitates the users to repeat their order as and when necessary. The activity log also shows search results and other related information to save the user’s time and efforts. It can act as a memory brusher for your app users and they do not need to remember orders.

You can consult a mobile app development company to build an app with features in line with your business model. If you want to develop a customized on-demand app rapidly in a cost-effective way, you can have an option to hire mobile app developers. They charge on hourly basis. However, you should keep in mind that there is a vast difference between the hourly rates for American and Indian app developers.

Wrapping Up

The trend of on-demand apps is here to stay. But, as the competition intensifies in this genre, you should bring an app faster than your competitors to make the most of it. Your smart move will certainly be appreciated by customers and stakeholders. We also expect that technological advancements will take the on-demand app development to the next level in the coming years.

We provide customized mobile app solution for your on-demand business irrespective of its scale and size. Our experienced mobile app developers can develop futuristic app solutions with the desired features to meet the changing business needs.

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