Microsoft Outlook is now the latest tech product that hackers have had access to from as early as this year, according to the Redmond based tech giant.
Microsoft recently discovered that hackers had compromised their email service support agent credentials. According to Microsoft, the hackers could have accessed users’ account email addresses, folder names, and subject lines of emails. However they couldn’t view email content or their attachments.
What Microsoft doesn’t know is how many accounts were breached and by who or what the hackers could have used the information for?

What to do now?
Microsoft is suggesting that you reset your passwords even though login credentials and other information were not stolen.
In the security notification, Microsoft assures its users that they take data protection seriously and has engaged its internal teams in charge of security and privacy to get to the root of this mishap and prevent another one from happening.

This hackers has affected some users and Microsoft has disabled their accounts and blocked access to the hackers.

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