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My goals for this guide are to (1) motivate more people to blog and (2) increase their likelihood of success 🤩 Why? Blogging done right is my favorite form of marketing.

To blog right means to give away free value. You share what you know (or what you and your team knows) because sharing value builds trust. And it turns out that people prefer to work with and buy from those who they know and trust.

At the time of posting this the guide covers:

Infrastructure (Build a deploy a high-performing blog)
Topics (Find questions or start a new subject)
Content (Answer a question or be an authority on a subject)
Promotion (Automate sharing and re-sharing)
Google Search (Get Googlet to send people to your blog)
Conversions (Compel readers to take action)

This guide is open to the community 🎉

If you think something is wrong, let’s talk about it. If you think an area is lacking, let’s make it better. If you think something is missing, let’s add it together 🙌 Major props for those who step up to help.

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