Google promoted the Chrome OS 72 operating system to the stable channel, a release that introduces several improvements to make your Chromebook experience better, more secure, and enjoyable.

The Chrome OS 72 release introduces numerous improvements, especially for dealing with Android files. Among these, we can mention external storage access support for Android apps via /storage dir and MediaStore APIs, and the ability to search app shortcuts for Android apps in the Launcher.

To find an app shortcut, you need to right-click or long-press on an Android app. Chrome OS 72 also introduces Picture in Picture (PiP) support and touchscreen support in tablet mode for the Chrome web browser, and the ability to view saved Google Drive through from Backup and Sync in the Files app under My Drive/Computers.

Other improvements include a new page in the built-in ChromeVox screen reader tutorial to help you learn about touch gestures, along with a new setting in the ChromeVox options page to allow users with visual disabilities to read text or other elements on the screen using synthesized speech with the mouse cursor, and better printing support.

Security improvements

As expected, Chrome OS 72 contains several bug and security fixes, the most important change being the sandboxing of the default network manager in Chrome OS, shill, to no longer run as root (system administrator), in an attempt to make your Chromebook more secure by preventing networking-related vulnerabilities.

“Shill, the network manager for Chrome OS, has been put in a sandbox and no longer runs as the root user on the system. This security hardening measure helps protect users in the case of networking-related security vulnerabilities, such as one that resulted in persistent device compromise in 2016,” said Google.

The Chrome OS 72.0.3626.97 (Platform version: 11316.123.0, 11316.123.1) is now rolling out for most Chromebook devices. It is recommended to update your Chromebook to Chrome OS 72 as soon as possible to enjoy the best Chrome OS experience. The rollout should take a few days to complete.

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