Google Maps’ augmented reality (AR) navigation feature is finally being tested by some early users, however, it’s not available to everyone yet.

On Sunday, Google told The Wall Street Journal that the AR navigation feature, which gives real-time views for directions, will be rolled out soon. The company originally introduced the AR navigation feature at a developers conference last year. Google, which will need to conduct additional testing on the AR navigation feature, is only rolling out this update to Local Guides (community viewers) for now.

Google Maps’ AR navigation feature could come in handy for challenging directions, Engadget reported. First, Google Maps leverages GPS to sense your basic location. Next, it uses a camera to generate a more accurate location with 3D arrows that tell you where to turn. You’ll get real-time views with the AR navigation feature, which will make it easier if you’re approaching a confusing intersection or a complex cluster of landmarks.

Surprisingly though, Google doesn’t want you to depend on AR too much when you’re on trips. This could be for safety reasons: If your smartphone is in AR mode for a long time, it will make your screen darker and you won’t focus on obstacles ahead. On top of that, your battery would drain really fast, so it’s probably best to use the AR navigation feature in shorter intervals.

Google didn’t announce when the Google Maps AR navigation feature will be downloadable for everyone, however, it will be interesting to see how it will elevate people’s routes in the near future.

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