Google may have discontinued the sale of Google Glass years ago, but die hard fans have not given up. From a report: Glassholes still exist, just not as boogeymen haunting the tech section of your newspaper. There’s a small group of fans still talking and updating and buying and selling on Reddit. Somebody who picked up a pair for $150 and wants help using the device to display sheet music; somebody with questions about installing an older operating system onto Glass Enterprise; another person looking for foldable frames; somebody else trying to fix a broken device; people looking to buy, as well as a number of people asking if it’s even worth it to spend any money on the now-defunct tech. (Spoiler: survey says it’s not.) There is also, weirdly, somebody asking if Google nixed Google Glass “because ‘someone’ was made aware of the book ‘The Circle’ by Dave Eggers?”

Reading through the forum, it seems wrong to regard the dwindling frequenters of /r/googleglass as Glassholes. On the contrary, they seem to bust out their devices at incredibly appropriate moments. “I pretty much only use Glass for taking pictures/video while running/hiking or anywhere I don’t have access to a phone or don’t want to carry one,” writes one Redditor. “It’s a great way to capture highlights of a marathon, for instance, without having to stop and pull out a phone.” “Text notifications. Phone calls whilst driving, pix and video while on the go,” writes another.

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