Can I get a phone at normal retail price at Maxis without contract?
We offer a wide range of phone ownership program. You can get a phone from Maxis

1) Normal Device Contract: Pay for a lower device price from recommended retail price; sign up for a device contract with your selected rateplan.

2) Zerolution: Pay your phone on installment basis with zero upfront payment, zero interest rate and no card needed.

3) Zerolution 360: an all in one, zero worries phone membership

Where can I get a phone from Maxis?
You may get a phone on your selected program at Maxis Store nationwide and Maxis Online Store. 


1) Go to the phone section of

2) Select your preferred phone model to find out the various package under different program and 

3) Select where to buy & choose your prefer location/ channel.

Can I buy a phone from Maxis if I am not a Maxis customer?
We have a wide range device ownership program with great value for the different needs of our customers. Just select your phone on your preferred program and be a Maxis customer to enjoy.

I am a foreigner working in Malaysia, can I get a device from Maxis?
Foreigner who meets our document and credit requirement may apply for Normal Device Contract.

Terms and conditions for promotions may varies; application will subject to review and approval.

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