Let’s say — for the sake of a computer column — that the new year brought a new personal computer in the house.

Sweet, hmmm? It has one of those solid-state drives with no moving parts that gets it up and running in no time. More storage capacity on the hard drive. More RAM. A video card that’s quick and agile.

Eh? What’s that? All your useful stuff is still on the old clunker? How does it get to its new home?

Since 1983, there’s been an answer for that. Way back then, the company’s name that provided the answer was Traveling Software. The software would make all manner of programs and files travel from one computer to another: Out from the old, in to the new.

In 1999, the company changed its name, which remains the same nearly two decades later: LapLink.com Inc. The company name is a hint into how it got its start — transferring files back and forth between a laptop and a PC.

LapLink was a leader in data-migration by the time it changed its name, and it remains so today. A company spokesman said its flagship program, PCmover, moves 95 percent of software being migrated in the U.S. alone. It is the only product Microsoft recommends for moving programs and files around.

The company is headquartered in Washington state, and is privately held.

As you might imagine, the company has a large line of products, but for today, only PCMover for the everyday user concerns us. It comes in three strengths (and prices): PCMover Express ($30); Home ($40); and Professional ($60).

The company’s website (www.laplink.com) offers a nice little comparison chart to make the selection process a bit easier. As one might imagine, features improve along with the price change.

Depending on versions, users can pick and choose which files to move. So movies and music can be left behind and done later — or simply stored somewhere else — to reduce transfer time.

If there is a problem, LapLink offers 24/7 toll-free transfer assistance. And if all else fails, the program comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

To learn more, visit the aforementioned website. For questions, call the company’s toll-free number: 800-LAPLINK (800-527-5465).

Lonnie Brown can be contacted at LedgerDatabase@aol.com.

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