globally renowned and majorly used cross-platform framework, Xamarin makes
developing mobile apps a fun, enjoyable process. Xamarin app development
companies offer a host of services to those who are looking forward to building
native applications that are easy on the pocket and impactful in the market.

app development companies are on a constant lookout for the apt technology to
develop applications on. Their aim is to offer users the most responsive
experience. And in order to achieve such effective solutions, Xamarin has
become the most reliable option.

are a few reasons why Xamarin is the most preferred cross-platform framework
for Android app development:

1. Xamarin provides native app

When it
comes to developing an app for Android and iOS, Android presents a more unique
user experience than iOS, despite both the platforms using the same objectives
and features. Xamarin helps in developing apps easily with a single code that
integrates well with different platforms. Using Xamarin for Android app
provides the end users with the real experience of a native application.

2. Xamarin is cost effective

app developers resent writing multiple codes for native applications for them
to work on different platforms. Apart from being a time-consuming task, it even
burns a hole in the pocket. Nevertheless, using Xamarin can reduce the cost of
developing Android apps and works best on other platforms. How? Well, Xamarin
reuses the same code and delivers the same result on multiple platforms and

3. Xamarin is a cross-platform

companies used to focus on developing applications that were compatible with
popular platforms like iOS, Android, and Windows. This puts stress on
enterprises that were looking to develop native mobile apps. It was not at all
easy to build a mobile app that could comprise of various specifications and
could function on different platforms. Soon, the concept of cross-platform
mobile app development emerged, which was supported by Xamarin. This helped
developers to seamlessly churn out mobile apps that were cost-effective and had
a reusable code for Android app development.

4. Xamarin gives access to native

Xamarin for developing Android apps allows app developers to access the native
APIs in iOS as well as other platforms. This saves a lot of time and effort and
helps you launch your Android app in the market quickly.

5. Xamarin has portable class libraries

the use of portable class libraries, developers are assisted with writing codes
in libraries that might be shared further on all devices with the use of the
different OS. As portable class libraries, creating their own app logic enables
app developers to make use of it anywhere.

of the above-mentioned advantages, Xamarin has become the most preferred
cross-platform app development framework in today’s world. Xamarin is packed
with the most robust tools that help in reaching various smart devices
irrespective of the platforms. Share your experience of developing Android apps
using Xamarin!

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