Social media platform Facebook updated its mobile app recently where it added a specific tab dedicated solely to games where users can explore various gaming content.

Facebook recently added a new feature to its mobile app by introducing a dedicated gaming hub tab, that emphasizes the importance of games on the app while also adding it to the sidebar as an option for the customizable navigation bar in the app.

The new gaming hub will provide a central place to Facebook’s Instant Games for users and at the same time discover new ones, watch gaming videos from streamers, and also join and connect with gaming groups that are already on the social media app.

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“We want to make it easier for people to find and connect around their favorite games, streamers, groups, and more,” wrote Facebook.

The company is rolling out the new gaming tab gradually to some users instead of rolling it for everyone at once. For people who do not see the gaming tab in their main navigation bar can find it by going to the Bookmarks menu.

Also, apart from the gaming hub, Facebook is also starting to beta-test a standalone Facebook Gaming App for Android that, according to Facebook, will offer even more features than the current tab.

“As we learn from the community, we’ll test new experiences in the tab, add more types of gaming content, and improve our content recommendations over time… We’re getting feedback from the gaming community as we consider further rollout plans,” wrote the firm.

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