Facebook announced a new way to find streamers with Facebook Gaming. Streamers on the platform are now easier to find due to a new feature on the mobile app. Facebook pushed a new update to its iOS mobile app where users can now see a tab for a gaming section of the website.  The tab directs users straight to Facebook Gaming homepage. Users can see who is playing any kind of game and go straight to their stream. This will allow users on the mobile app to easily watch Facebook streamers. In turn, streamers will be seen easier as well due to more coming to watch their streams. 

Facebook Gaming

There is a way that the company is testing the new tab to isolate any problems. They sent out a beta of the new app to a “small” group of about 700 million users to test out the new feature. If the tab for Facebook Gaming isn’t readily available, users can find it in the navigation toolbar. Currently, this feature is only available for iOS devices. Facebook is working on a port for Android devices that could release sometime soon. 

Facebook Gaming was announced earlier in 2018. There is a pilot program out there being used to test out how to better reward and monetize streamers on the platform. Facebook has not announced any official monetization system yet for streamers on the platform. It allows users not gaming to watch their favorite gamers play their favorite games right from their mobile app. Players can also play the games they’re watching as well. No news has been presented on how this can happen from the app.

Facebook Gaming

Tell us what you think about this new update for Facebook Gaming. Will this mean more competition for Twitch and YouTube gaming? Leave a comment below. And as always, keep keeping on!

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