It is my somber duty to inform you that The Snap has reached Google. 

On Wednesday, Google Search rolled out a surprise Thanos-inspired Easter egg for Marvel fans eagerly awaiting the Friday premiere of Avengers: Endgame.

Users looking up “Thanos” on desktop or mobile web will be met with an Infinity Gauntlet in the top right corner of the Thanos information box that, when clicked/tapped, will cut the available search results — wait for it — in half. 

Image: mashable screenshot

You can watch as various search results get dusted, leaving behind trails of untethered pixels.

It's not just you. We're all having flashbacks.

It’s not just you. We’re all having flashbacks.

Image: mashable screenshot

To top it off, you’ll watch the ~88,000,000 result count tick down to a measly 44,000,000. (No word yet on how exactly the search results are whittled down, but it seems to be random — exactly like the real Snappening.)

Click the Infinity Guantlet icon again, however, and your search results will return victorious.

If only things were this easy in the MCU.

If only things were this easy in the MCU.

Image: mashable screenshot

Yes, it’s a joke that’s been done to death since the release of Infinity War last year, but with some kind of a solution hitting theaters in just a few days (fingers crossed!) it can’t hurt to enjoy it a few more times.  

Avengers: Endgame hits theaters Friday.

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