Much has changed since gaming consoles were first introduced into homes a few decades ago. Initially, they were seen as nothing more than kids’ toys, with no real value attached to them—unless one was stolen or broken, then everyone realised how pricey it was to replace.

Nowadays, most insurance providers include gaming consoles along with everything else when calculating household insurance. Considering how they’re seen as the media hubs of entertainment, they deserve a little bit more attention and cover, don’t you think? Besides, if someone takes away your console, you better hope your saved games are available in the cloud, or you’ll need to start from scratch again.

The best type of cover for gaming consoles is gadget insurance. That way, you can choose which electronic devices you protect and which to exclude. Generally, it isn’t worthwhile to insure older items, as their market value decreases over time and it might be cheaper to purchase them cash than pay a fortune in premiums. Yes, your Golden China may hold a lot of sentimental value, but it isn’t worth what you paid for it back in 1992.

Do Insurance Companies Understand The Value Of Gaming Consoles

Granadilla understands that gamers are a picky bunch, who’d rather spend their time completing all the side missions instead of dealing with pesky insurance companies. So, it has put together a gadget insurance plan that’s easy-peasy to sign up for.

Forget about phoning and hanging on the line for 30 minutes to speak to a consultant who struggles to even spell your name. Granadilla wants you to embrace the digital age and download its app to your smart device. From there, you can chat away with the bot Nandi and decide what sort of cover you’d like to take.

If your gaming console is under two years old, you’re in luck. You’ll be covered for theft, accidental loss, and accidental damage all within the borders of South Africa—plus, you get international coverage for up to 30 days if you take it on your travels.

Do Insurance Companies Understand The Value Of Gaming Consoles

Granadilla also believes in saving you cash, so your first month’s excess will be 15% and it’ll bottom out to 7.5% by the end of month four. That way, you’ll be left with extra money to buy all the DLC and microtransactions stuffed in EA games, and not cough up endlessly on insurance.

But please, gamers, don’t try and work the system. If you chucked your console against the wall in a fit of rage after losing to Burnley on FIFA 19, or decided to see if an Xbox One works well underwater, Granadilla isn’t going to fall for it. Be honest with your claims and don’t be silly.

So, what are you waiting for? Download the Granadilla app and get a quote for your precious now!

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