A man dressed in bright colors was caught on camera breaking into a business on 8th Avenue. The video shows him using an ax to shatter a window and climb through into the business.

While only one business caught it on camera, two others believe the same person broke into their shop.

The manager of the business who caught the video says she believes that beauty salons are being targeted.

In the video, the sweet little chime on the door of Anastacia Skin Studio can be heard as the criminal hacks into the front door window.

“He came with an ax, which is also really creepy. You could have kicked, I mean it’s not super thick glass, you know you could have kicked it in,” said Manager Kaylee Rote.

The video shows the man going in a first time, grabbing a Mac monitor then going outside.

“Unhooked the desktop, luckily we have this nice little stopped here, so he couldn’t get the power cord out. So he left that,” said Rote.

He then left through the window, came back in, snatched a laptop and then their office iPhone.

“Right now, this is my personal computer, and we are just making it work, as we can,” said Rote.

Anxiety continues right next door.

“It could have been us,” said Hannah Dean, who works at 8th and Roast.

They had people inside baking at the time, and are thankful no one broke in.

“We are all just really glad and really lucky that nobody was there and no one was working, and they just took technology,” said Dean. “It all could have been a lot worse and a lot scarier.”

That’s what’s making those at Anastacia Skin Salon so nervous.

“The fact that you know, I sit up here at the front desk day in and day out, I feel very violated. You start asking a ton of questions, has someone been watching the space? Me? It’s just weird,” said Rote.

A place that used to make her smile the most, has her jumping at every little sound.

We also spoke with Local Honey, which is two doors down from the skin salon. They were also broken into, and their computer was stolen.

Employees at FACE Salon on 10th Avenue say they were also broken into on the same night.

Rote says the area businesses are all locally owned, and she hopes they can all work together to catch the bold criminal.

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