Bad News Folks, Google Hangouts Will Start to Phase Out in October

Image: GoogleGoogle Hangouts loyalists, I regret to inform you that the news about your beloved communication tool is not great.Google announced in a blog post Tuesday that beginning in...

Google moves closer to creating ‘Minority Report’-style sensors for controlling devices with hand gestures

Vic Gundotra, Google senior vice president of engineering, talks about Google Plus at the Google I/O conference in San Francisco on June 27, 2012. (Paul Sakuma/AP) ...

Google Finally Doubling Down on Wear OS

Could Google's purchase of Fossil IP lay the groundwork for a Google branded Pixel smartwatch? See what Connected Intelligence analyst, Weston ... Source link

A new Google tool tells you if your password is unsafe

San Francisco (CNN Business) There is a good chance hackers already know your favorite passwords. Now Google has a new free tool to let you ... Source link

Google for Jobs: the recruitment game changer.

get ready for the recruitment game changer Google for Jobs is coming to Asia Pacific, and it is changing the...

Google Chrome Has A Nasty Surprise

With almost 70% market share, Chrome has well and truly won the web browser war. A crucial factor behind this is Google ’s commitment to seamless...

Opinion: Apple is playing a dangerous game with its Home strategy

As I wrote last week, I believe that Apple exited the home Wi-Fi market at precisely the wrong time. Back in 2004, I worked for a company that was trying...


Microsoft Issues Windows 10 Upgrade Warning

Everyone knows about Windows 10’s most controversial feature, but now Microsoft has confirmed a new problem with it…  UK...

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