Nokia launches off-the-shelf IoT packages

The platform is built on the Nokia Worldwide IoT Network Grid (WING) infrastructure, which provides global IoT connectivity and services support. Source link

Earth 2050: memory chips for kids, telepathy for adults

Buy 2050, most kids may be fitted with the latest memory boosting implants, and adults will have replaced mobile devices with direct connectivity ... Source link

GRID Autosport for Nintendo Switch

GRID Autosport asserts itself as the first major car racing game to launch on Nintendo Switch. It comes packed with a mix of high-speed thrills, realistic ... Source link

3 gadget players for Kellen Moore’s new offense

Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty ImagesWith Kellen Moore being announced as the Dallas Cowboys‘ new offensive coordinator, changes will happen. So who are some guys that can help?The Dallas Cowboys are trying to improve...

Lesion’s mine trap looked a lot different in early Rainbow Six Siege concept art

The Lesion we know and love in Rainbow Six Siege uses Gu Mines to deter attackers – these are those lovely invisible devices that fire poison syringes...

How to Root Samsung Galaxy M20 Device

Here in this guide, we will discuss How to Root Samsung Galaxy M20 device with PC easily. Samsung this year launched two new Galaxy M series devices at an affordable price tag. The Samsung Galaxy...

PURE Portable Aromatherapy Air Purifier » Gadget Flow

Enjoy fresh, clean air in any room with the PURE Portable Aromatherapy Air Purifier. Featuring a sleek and compact design, this device purifies the air around you to make any space more pleasant....

How Transformers movie can guide digital transformation – Gadget

By Monique Williams, regional manager at Hyland Southern Africa There are parallels that can be drawn between the requirements for true digital transformation and the story of the “Transformers” – the characters who can...

Showmax invites student films

Thanks to the growing popularity of video-on-demand services, there's a new opportunity to help kickstart the careers of local filmmakers. Numerous ... Source link