Casa Changes its Keymaster Business Model, Releases Two New Products: Mobile App and Packages

The cryptocurrency company Casa is currently shifting its business. Now, the company is releasing two new products that will change the way in which the company presents itself to the market.

The CEO of the company, Jeremy Welch, explained that the intention is to bring multi-sig security to customers. According to the company, they want to have a key manager app in every single pocket and a node in every single home.

There are two new offerings from Casa. The first one is a Keymaster mobile app for iOS and Android, and the second one is a four-tiered Keymaster package at different price points and security features.

Casa previously released a premium product called Keymaster, which offers a multi-signature service for Bitcoin investors. At the same time, they have also announced the plug-and-play Bitcoin Lightning node called “Casa Node.” As per the company, they have already sold more than 1,000 Cada Node to the market since it was released.

With this shift, the company wants to bring the security of multi-sig technology into the hands of more individuals around the world. Instead of selling premium products, they will be selling multi-tier products with different prices according to the features offered.

The Keymaster mobile app offers three different types of key setups. The first one is a mobile key that is comparable to the wallets offered by other companies such as Blockchain or Coinbase. The second one is a two-or-three multi-sig key that allows users to have three different signature keys. One of the keys will be held by Casa, another one will be held on a hardware wallet, and the last one will be managed on a mobile device.

The third type of key setup includes between three and five signatures that allow users to improve the security of their assets.

The price for these services will range between $300 and $5,000. There is also a possibility to have a free service in which the user only pays 10 basic points if they need access to Casa’s recovery key.

There are other custody services in the market, but Casa focuses on the privacy of their users. Indeed, they are trying to build a product without “analytics.”

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