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Ever wonder what the scene is like at a bar before heading out?

Now you can with a new nightlife app called “BarGlance.”

It was created by a local startup and debuting in downtown Charleston.

The mobile app, available for download on both Android and Apple devices, lets users get information about bars and also see what’s going inside without having to be there.

Live stream cameras give eight-second-long “glances” that allow viewers to gauge elements such as crowd size and atmosphere.

Here’s how it works:

Users will open up the app and select a location or area on a map.

Pins indicate where surrounding bars are located fro a users’ location. Users can touch one of the pins to see the bar’s information.

Camera icons let users know which bars have live stream cameras inside them.

Bar owners and managers can upload photos, add a description, and edit many other business-specific details all from their phones to go to the app.

Specials and entertainment text boxes within the bar profile give businesses a way to market themselves in real-time.

Bars can display food and drink specials, draft lists, live music, happy hours, or any other information they’d like to showcase, giving users all the information they need to help quickly decide where to go.

Co-Founder Justin Moss stated that, “Despite its popularity, ‘going out’ remains one of the least technology-driven activities in our society. We use apps for dating, driving, eating, banking, and traveling, but not nightlife. By leveraging technology, we can match bar-goers with the situations and surrounding that are most desirable to them. Merging the freedom of choice with the power of visualization, we are able to create a seamless nightlife experience.”

Other features include a search function, where users can locate venues based on criteria such as price, neighborhood, bar type and even search for specific events like “oyster roast” or “live music.”

The BarGlance mission is “Go out smarter.”

The company currently has 15 locations with more on the way.

For more information, visit www.barglance.com or watch the video below:

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