The Avengers Project might be coming to the next generation of consoles. Crystal Dynamics confirmed working towards the new Avengers Project game. Crystal Dynamics has placed a position for an External Lead Producer on their website. The new position is included with other similar, creative positions. These positions could very well be working on the Avengers Project. The position that is in question has some interesting requirements and information when reading it. The External Lead Producer position at Crystal Dynamics stated in the description.

“The Lead Producer will have demonstrable experience working with external partners to build next-gen console and PC games. This individual will have outstanding communication skills and a proven track record in Development and Production. The successful candidate will work directly with studio leadership and hold accountability for staying in budget while delivering premium quality on the project milestones. Exposure to formal project management techniques on multi-million dollar, highly rated AAA games a must; previous experience building and maintaining schedules is essential.”

The interesting bit is the position specifically needing someone to work on next-gen games and PC games. Granted, stating it’s for next-gen games could just be for the newest technology with gaming in the current generation of consoles. The current generation of consoles is still going strong for the PS4, the Xbox One, and the Switch. Nevertheless, the Avengers Project could still very well be on the current generation of consoles. The information in the release could mean Crystal Dynamics is still possibly making games for the next generation of consoles.

This position is referring to just the next generation without any confirmation the Avengers Project is linked to it. Crystal Dynamics has been confirmed to be working on the Avenger Project though. Whether it will be on the next generation of consoles, is still yet to be confirmed. For now, though, we have to patiently wait until further confirmation the Avenger Project is for the next generation of consoles.

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