Both Samsung and Apple point to the cameras as leading features of their devices. The iPhone XS Max and Galaxy S9+ both offer a dual camera setup on the rear side, of 12-megapixel telephoto and wide-angle cameras with optical image stabilization.

Research firm DxOMark is siding with Apple, however, giving the iPhone XS Max the firm’s second-highest rating ever for a smartphone camera. The Galaxy S9+ places eighth.

The camera system on the iPhone XS Max includes an improved flash along with new features such as “Smart HDR,” which combines numerous images to deliver a photo that is more highly detailed. The iPhone XS Max also offers camera features such as portrait lighting, which improves the lighting of the contours over a subject’s face.

The Galaxy S9+ stands out with its dual-aperture feature, which automatically adjusts to dim or bright lighting conditions. The S9+ also offers “live focus” for automatic blurring of a photo’s background and some fancy slow-motion video capabilities.

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