Apple has not been having the best of days with the Airpower mat as it is yet to bring the wireless charging accessory to the shelves. While not many Apple fans are happy about it, some are not happy about the recent iOS update as it is reportedly rendering old iPhone chargers useless, forcing people to buy a new one. People are so angry about it that Apple is now facing a lawsuit filed in California.

It has been mentioned that the latest iOS update is breaking the compatibility of the old iPhone chargers, leaving users with no choice but to buy a new one. Thousands of users are witnessing error messages showing that ‘this accessory may not be supported.’ They claim that Apple has knowingly removed the compatibility.

“The Class Members were not informed by Apple Inc. of this plan to program a rejection of old iPhone chargers. Apple Inc.’s goal was to program the iPhone, after their sale to Class Members, so that said iPhones would no longer accept their chargers. This forced Plaintiff and Class Members to be forced to either purchase new iPhones or new chargers, which cost approximately twice as much, in order for Apple Inc. to greatly increase its profits to the detriment of Class Members,” says the lawsuit.

Several reports indicate that if Apple did make this change with the latest OS update, it would’ve affected several million iPhone users and would’ve been highlighted more than what it is being done now.

Moreover, Apple’s support page reveals that the error ‘this accessory may not be supported’ could show up for different reasons – accessory is damaged, it may not be Apple-certified or if is not meant for that particular device. As reported that Apple Insider, a similar issue was being faced by some iPhone users in September last year. However, it was solved after Apple rolled out the maintenance update.

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