New York, NY (WCBS) – One hard swing after another. This angry customer in New York smashed through the front windows of the “Back Home Restaurant” all because they were out of Jamaican beef patties.

That’s according to the owner, Simone Johnson, who’s so shaken by the incident, she has asked her face not be shown on camera. 

“If something could do something like that over a beef paddy,” said Johnson “they’re capable of doing something else.”

After fighting with the clerk, Johnson says the enraged customer returned a few minutes later… this time with an alumninum bat. She caused more than $2,000 in damage.

“I had to call in an emergency glass repair company. They took the measurements that night. They came the next day” said Johnson.

The incident happened last month, but the repairs continues. On Saturday, crews carried sheet-rock into the restaurant on East 169th Street to fix framing and other structural damage related to the attack. 

“Wow… I’m not laughing because it’s funny, I just can’t believe that she did that,” said regular customer Jonathan Jackson.

“They’re great people here,” Jackson remarked “Very kind people. Very caring. I just can’t believe that someone would actually do something like that.”

“I have people that come from different places,” said Johnson “Westchester County. Rockland County. People that come back from Georgia. They stack up with the patties because they want to come back home with them. We have people who love them. I love them as well.”

Johnson said the woman has ordered from the restaurant before, but doesn’t know her name. 

Poice need help finding the suspect. 

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