When I first leaked Android Q back in January, there was one feature that I really wanted to show off but sadly couldn’t because it wasn’t fully implemented: the experimental desktop mode. Now that the first Android Q beta has been released for all Google Pixel smartphones and the Android Studio emulator, it’s possible to try it out.

Twitter user @Shad0wKn1ght93 noticed that the AOSP Launcher has a new component that, when launched, brings up a new Android desktop interface. If you have the Android Studio emulator, all you have to do is run the following ADB command:

adb shell am start -n "com.android.launcher3/com.android.launcher3.SecondaryDisplayLauncher"

Once launched, here’s what the desktop interface looks like.

You can add app shortcuts to the desktop which launch in freeform multi-windows. You can also set a custom wallpaper for the desktop. The status bar and navigation bar seem unchanged, but you have a lot more room to work with now.

It’s possible to enable this desktop mode by going to Developer Options on a Google Pixel, Pixel 2, or Pixel 3 running the beta, but since none of the Pixel smartphones support display out over HDMI you can’t actually use the desktop interface in any meaningful way.

This is article will be updated as we get more details. Check back for more information on the new desktop mode!

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